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30 Years of Experience as Unistrut system stocking distributor/dealer.

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Designing Support Structures
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Equipment Support Systems
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Unistrut®, B-Line® & Power-Strut® Support Systems - Designs Built on Experience

We Have Been Greatly Blessed - Now We've Relocated to the St. Louis Area!

To all our customers, we say, "Thank you! It has been our pleasure to serve you for the past 41 years." The Unistrut business has been a blessing to our family for many years. As part of our decision to relocate to the St. Louis area in June of 2011, we have reorganized and modified the services available to our Unistrut, B-Line and Power-Strut customers. Many of our existing and potential customers prefer to purchase material from their local Unistrut, B-Line or Power-Strut suppliers because of negotiated pricing and reduced freight costs, but their suppliers typically don't provide design services. Additionally, most architects and engineers have a limited amount of time to produce their drawings, and a limited amount of expertise in the niche of Unistrut design and building techniques.

Narrowing our focus, and expanding our territory is the way we are responding. We fill the Unistrut design gap by providing strut system designs and drawings for medical equipment supports for x-ray equipment, surgical and exam lights, surgical booms, CT injectors and other equipment. Once designed, the Unistrut, B-Line or Power-Strut material is supplied and installed by others. This allows us to expand our services into new territories while maximizing overall project efficiency and profitability for architects, engineers, contractors and facility owners. By providing drawings and designs for Unistrut, B-Line, and Power-Strut projects across the country, and leaving the material supply to local vendors, our customers are free to install the material themselves or subcontract the work to others. For example, we recently prepared drawings and material takeoffs for projects in Fort Worth, TX and West Islip, NY. One customer was a general contractor. The other was a steel subcontractor. All project information was exchanged electronically and discussed during a few short phone calls, so there were no delays from shipping paper drawings back-and-forth. Project managers and installation crews were able to call us directly for installation hints.

Designs Backed By Unistrut, B-Line and Power-Strut Supply And Installation Experience

Many years of experience as a Unistrut, B-Line and Power-Strut distributor / dealer and installation contractor has equipped our organization with the ability to prepare drawings based on field-tested, real-world installation conditions. Our drawings are prepared by someone who has actually installed Unistrut, B-Line and Power-Strut on numerous projects, so they are automatically checked for constructability, efficiency, and material availability as they are drawn. Our designs typically make use of commonly available channels, fittings and hardware. We know how frustrating it is when a design includes unusual components with long lead times and high costs. Our goal is to help you install the support systems on-time and within budget.

Another way we can help reduce customer costs is by providing drawings that are prepared for, but not stamped by, an engineer. This brings exceptional value to customers because they can work with an engineer who is already working on the project and is familiar with the various codes and requirements that apply to the specific project. This allows us to keep our pricing lower because we don't need to maintain engineering licenses for all fifty states at all times. Naturally, we can have a licensed engineer review and stamp the drawings when necessary.

Unistrut® and other Metal Framing Systems ("strut")

Equipment Support Systems has been an installing and stocking distributor / dealer of strut products for many years, and we have enjoyed sharing our knowledge of strut systems that comes from over 41 years of experience as a supplier in the metal framing system industry. We have helped design our customers' projects and selected the proper materials from a full range of Unistrut®, B-Line® Strut, or Power-Strut® channel, fittings, brackets, clamps, concrete inserts, spring nuts, trolleys, etc. We have also worked with structural steel, stainless steel, fiberglass, aluminum, and other metal framing systems. Because we are not required to sell a single manufacturer's product, we approach projects with the creativity and flexibility necessary to complete a project on-time and within budget. We know Unistrut construction techniques very well, but we are not limited to Unistrut construction.

Design Team Member

We often join a project design team as specialists in the design of X-ray supports and other medical equipment supports, and various other construction, industrial, and overhead supports. As an active member of design teams, we are constantly working with architects, engineers, contractors, OEM's, end users, hospitals, equipment manufacturers, industrial and institutional customers, and other trades on a construction project. Our background in early project design, coordination and value engineering has saved thousands of dollars for our clients.

Creativity At Work

Our history includes creatively simple solutions to seemingly difficult problems. For example, our CEO literally invented the Telestrut® Telescoping Strut System now manufactured by Unistrut Corporation. Unistrut describes Telestrut as "one of the most significant innovations in multi-purpose support systems since the invention of the original Unistrut metal framing system in 1924." [video 11:30 20MB] We appreciate the compliment. Whether designing an x-ray support or other application, we continue to develop innovative designs and systems.

Previous Experience as a Licensed Installation Contractor Serving NM, AZ, CO, TX, OK, KS, WY, MO, GA, FL, MS

In addition to supplying and designing with strut, we were also a licensed installation contractor, which allowed us to design, supply and install projects throughout New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Wyoming, and Missouri. Years of experience installing Unistrut®, B-Line® Strut, and Power-Strut® has taught us how to complete a project quickly, which simplifies trade coordination and saves our customers valuable schedule time and money. We put this experience to work in every drawing we prepare. And now that we are focusing on design and drawings only, we are now able to help customers all across the USA and world-wide!

CAD - Computer Aided Drafting Using AutoCAD® 2012

To increase our value to the design team, we have continually invested in computer hardware, software and training to provide high quality 2-D and 3-D drawings. By staying current with recent versions of AutoCAD® (currently AutoCAD® 2012), and through the use of internet-based communications and other software, we can collaborate with the design team accurately and efficiently. We can work with the current AutoCAD® 2012 file format (same as AutoCAD® 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 & 2007), as well as the legacy formats of AutoCAD® R12, AutoCAD® R14, AutoCAD® 2000, AutoCAD® 2004 (same as AutoCAD® 2005 & AutoCAD® 2006). We can create and read DWG, DXF, DWF, PDF, TIF, BMP, JPG and GIF file formats, and can read CAL, PLN, OST, COE and other file formats.

Small Business Resourcefulness and Flexibility

Equipment Support Systems is a division of D. M. White LLC, a registered Missouri Limited Liability Company, and is classified as a small business. If your project has small business set-aside requirements, we can help satisfy that requirement while giving you the confidence that your supports will be properly designed. Our smaller size also allows us the flexibility to approach each project in a creative way. Although we have standard bookkeeping and accounting systems, we are not tied down by constrictive bureaucratic procedures, and can work with most contracting scenarios.

Catalogs and Literature

We have added several on-line catalogs to our website, including complete catalogs for Unistrut®, B-Line® Strut, and Power-Strut® systems. Just click on a catalog on the right side of the page or go to the Products page, and follow the links. We will be updating our online library.


Unistrut Catalog, featuring:
Unistrut channel, nuts, trolleys
Stainless steel Unistrut
Aluminum Unistrut
Fiberglass Unistrut
Catalog published by Unistrut Corporation
We Design, Supply, Fabricate and Install.

B-Line Strut
B-Line Strut Catalog
Design, Supply, Fabricate and Install.

Power-Strut Catalog
Design, Supply, Fabricate and Install.

Aickinstrut Fiberglass Strut
Fiberglass Strut
Image: Aickinstrut Catalog 2003
Aickinstrut Fiberglass Strut Non-metallic framing system
We Design, Supply, Fabricate and install.

Equipment Support Systems
A Division of D. M. White LLC

Website: www.EquipmentSS.com

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